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Expired: How to Kick-Start your plastic-free journey

When: Thursday, March 30 2023, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Where: Online-Session via Zoom

Climate change is the most defining challenge of our time, not to say of humankind. It is already affecting enormous portions of the world’s population, and will continue increasingly storming into our lives for as long as we haven’t taken serious, concerted measures to reduce human’s footprint onto Earth’s system. Among the set of challenges we are due to solve, a few categories emerge as keystone: oil & our dependency to fossil fuels is one, as much as is our single-use culture, putting an increasingly tangible toll on our lifestyles.

In this webinar, Bye Bye Plastic Co-Founder and Managing Director Camille Guitteau will provide a framework for approaching one of the first & most essential chapters of a sustainability journey in the music & events sector: how to phase out your plastic consumption.

By calling in a couple of key environmental compasses, this session will show how to take a bird’s eye view & build a reasoning that serves & fits every corporate (& individual) situation. It will explain how to break down & de-dramatize your approach towards turning your business single-use plastic-free , and even make it a creative success!

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